I'm in teh shadowz... ...that's all you need to know.
(Lucian Croitoru, Traian Băsescu)
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Mirela Mustata 23 octombrie 2009, 14:02  

I'm in teh shadowz ... laughing at you

joe 23 octombrie 2009, 14:32  

Iz in your government, planning your doom.

Anonim 24 octombrie 2009, 01:38  

I'm in teh shadowz, sucking Ceausescu's dick. Yes, I am Base the sailor man and I'm a necrophilliac with a hard on for dictators. Get it? Dic-tators? I am funny sometimes. Especially when I'm not raping my country. Which isn't very often.

Too much? Well, someone had to say it.

Oh, it's gonna be so much fun seeing this guy in the gutter. Just one more month...

vreausoareazi 24 octombrie 2009, 12:10  

De cate ori il vad pe Croitoru am impresia ca seamana cu Ogica :))) Nu ti se pare?

inbalarii 25 octombrie 2009, 00:39  

@vreausoareazi: un clasic în viaţă e de părere că mai degrabă seamănă cu Radu Duda :)

Anonim 28 octombrie 2009, 12:10  

I'm in ya bokeh...watchin' your aperture...

inbalarii 28 octombrie 2009, 13:21  

@Anonim: that's one of those bad bokeh...

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